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Obviously, those people who saw the influential movies, The Matrix trilogy, including the similarly enigmatic Keanu Reeves, have constantly questioned if our truth holds true. Players who integrate in SIMS also know exactly what is possible. And obviously practically all of Silicon Valley believes it s a trustworthy theory.

WildStar will release on Steam on June 9

WildStar, Carbine and NCSoft’s blindingly bright sci-fi MMO, will soon launch on Steam along with new packages for those going to throw down some money. And if you’d rather not, were to fear, as it’s still free-to-play.If you want to sink days into a cs go hacks brand-new world, why not have a look at our list of the best MMORPG’s?


We're most likely All Living inside an Alien's Giant Computer Game States Musk

Elon Musk is an acutely intelligent human being.So when the Tesla founder turns round and says there’s a mere one in billions opportunity that we’re not all living inside a gigantic alien simulation, it’s at least a comment worthwhile of a few minutes reflection.Well that s precisely what the entrepreneur did when asked by Verge founder and reporter Joshua Topolsky.


Trending: Are we residing in an alien's computer game?

South Africa's most fantastic export, Elon Musk, simply 'blew up' the interwebs with his hypothesis that our world might be an elaborate computer simulation initiated by our more fantastic future selves. Musk was being spoken with at San Francisco's Code Conference recently.He says it’s a one in a billion chance that we are NOT a computer simulation.